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Acne-free skin? Courtesy of good bacteria

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     Everyone knows that acne is caused by bacteria. Until today, it was not known exactly how many types of stems there are. There are 2 types, some bad and some good. The bad ones are the pimples that affect most people. If the good strains are the ones that proliferate on your skin, it will run out of acne.

In case you suffer from acne, I’m sure you’ve done your best to get rid of this problem. With the elimination of acne, you can benefit from healthy and beautiful skin.

I am convinced that you have asked yourself many times “why me?” seeing that many people around you do not have a single basket. Many people believe that this problem is genetic or occurs due to food, but the truth is that according to a study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), bacteria are the only ones responsible for acne.

They say that all people have bacteria on the skin, but some have good bacteria, and others have bad bacteria. In the first case, the skin remains acne-free (and also protected against the condition), while in the second, that is, then When you have a strain of bad bacteria, the famous pimples appear on the skin or appear in pimples. what we call acne.

Some studies say that baskets are produced by a microbe called Propionibacterium acnes. It grows in the deepest part of the pores and produces pimples and pimples. Propionibacterium acnes benefits from different strains.

These researchers say this is the case after analyzing 100 volunteers, of whom 49 had acne and the rest did not have acne. They then analyzed the DNA from the microbe taken from the tip of their nose and identified three different types of bacterial strains. Two of them occurred in people who have acne and not in people whose skin did not have pimples or blackheads. The third strain of bacteria is common on healthy skin and rarely occurs in people with acne. That is, people with acne generally have one or two of the so-called “bad” strains, and people with smooth skin have a “good” strain.

Bacteria in yogurts are considered good for protecting the intestine, the “good” strain on the skin has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and protect the skin from acne.

This is a very important discovery, as it can be used to create new medicines to cure acne, even stopping it before it occurs. Researchers also believe that this could be the origin of personalized acne treatments, because specific creams may be prescribed for the strains present on each person’s skin.