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Aesthetic acupuncture

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Most people know that acupuncture is used to care for people’s health. At present, acupuncture and the aesthetic union have been discovered in the West. In China, this cosmetic acupuncture has been practiced for many years, due to its very good effects. People who use this technique stay younger by delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

     The reasons for choosing a facial acupuncture treatment are:

  • this intervention is much cheaper than any cosmetic surgery
  • if you benefit from the interventions of a specialist it will be a pretty safe treatment
  • has no side effects and is not painful
  • excludes disfigurement risks
  • after the end of the intervention there will be no swelling or other types of trauma

     Why is cosmetic acupuncture so effective?

This intervention is effective due to the action it exerts on the body:

  • to contract, those enter the inner layer of the skin
  • the stretch of the skin appears due to the tightening of the facial muscles
  • the role of the needles is to stimulate the blood circulation by toning and strengthening the muscles and hydrating the area under treatment.

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