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Properties of Arginine for your health

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In order to avoid the lack of arginine, we must consume foods high in this amino acid, such as red meat and poultry, dairy, nuts, and chocolate.

There is also the synthesis of the amino acid arginine in the laboratory, used for the preparation of supplements. Arginine supplements are widely used by bodybuilders or for clinical use in catabolic (high wear) situations.

     The properties of Arginine are the following:

  • Maintains or increases muscle mass. In the field of bodybuilding, arginine in combination with lysine and ornithine are among the most widely used supplements. Their role is to participate in protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth. In order to have good results, they must be accompanied by an adequate exercise program. Its purpose is also to slow down the loss of muscle mass, which is why it is widely used in supplements to avoid excessive weight loss in HIV patients.
  • Problems of the digestive system. Specialists recommend arginine due to its properties in cases of trauma or digestive resections, ulcers, etc. It is also used for digestive inflammation in premature infants.
  • Wound healing. Although few people know, arginine produces proline. Proline promotes collagen synthesis, and this facilitates the formation of new tissues and thus healing.
  • Immune system. Specialists recommend its use only in cases of multiple trauma, major surgery, severe sepsis and other disorders associated with a depression of the immune system. Although the mechanisms of action are not known in this field by specialists, improvements in the thymic system (thymus), lymphocyte activity and neutrophil function have been described.
  • Cardiovascular system. Arginine also has the role of forming nitric acid, and this causes it to be linked to a positive effect in coronary and circulatory diseases. Its use is made when you suffer from cramps and discomfort in the legs due to circulatory causes. The role of nitric acid is to cause dilation of blood vessels and thus improve blood flow.
  • Male sexuality. Some scientists have said that arginine is capable of fighting erection problems.