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Skin care after breast cancer

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Today, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women in our country, with a total number of 22,000 cases detected per year. The best cosmetic treatments recommended to those who have suffered from this disease are presented in this article.

Currently, breast cancer accounts for one third of female cancers. More and more cases of this kind are detected every year. Researchers say one in eight women will suffer from this disease throughout their lives. They also say that many women diagnosed will get rid of this disease, because in recent years there has been an increase in survival from 74% to 89% at five years. Clearly, the possibility of healing depends on the early diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Women who have gone through this difficult experience with cancer need to take care of their skin a lot more, with specific cosmetic treatments, because, doctors say: “We do specific treatments for women with breast cancer, but they end up having problems with skin because of the aggressive treatments they receive “.

Performing these treatments have the role of helping to recover the skin of patients who, after a carcinogenic process, are affected by: the medication, stress and mood that accompany the disease. Before taking medical treatment, it is advisable to start with a skin oxygenation treatment.

Combined medical peeling therapy and facial bio-revitalization to brighten the skin, Botulinum toxin will soften the expression lines. Another recommendation is that of collagen treatments that will affect the appearance, and the Venus Protocol freezing will improve the appearance of the skin. Depending on the condition of the skin the doctor must recommend suitable cosmetic products.

The importance of early detection

Women over the age of 46 should have mammograms, in addition to self-examination of the breasts, because early diagnosis is the best tool to fight breast cancer. By this recommendation breast tumors can be diagnosed in the early stages. If diagnosed on time, there are many healing possibilities. In addition to these periodic tests, women can reduce their individual risk with small changes in their lifestyle. These modifications can be the following: preventing obesity with a balanced diet, daily exercise or reducing alcohol consumption.

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