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Help your skin look younger longer

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Over time, aging is a natural process that we all live. But it`s not that the issue, the important aspect is how you age. Keeping in shape, with beautiful skin and face is everyone’s dream. If we don`t take care of our skin, fine lines will appear on the cheeks, under the eyes. These fine lines tend to become deeper as time passes and wrinkles appear.

The skin tends to renew slower as we get older because we notice a decrease in collagen which causes the skin to lose moisture and elasticity. The facial lose volume which causes sagging. There are different factors such as the outside factors (the winter, exposure to the sun, lack of any sun protection during summer), internal factors (stress, lack of vitamins…) and nature factors (time, skin inheritance).

Aging skin:

  • The rate of skin regeneration is slower.
  • There’s less production of elastin and collagen, so the skin is more vulnerable and wrinkles appear. Also under-eyes puffiness.
  • Wrinkles are the result of the thinner skin, with less elastin and collagen.
  • Age spots happen thanks to the sun or liver spots and freckles.
  • Aging skin is also due to oil glands, that work slower and make it dryer.
  • The blood vessels are more fragile and the results are the facial thread veins.

The facial muscles, like all muscles, if we don`t take care, will weaken over time. This weakness means bags under the eyes, dark circles, and eyelid folds. When we are young, the fat deposits on our faces gives its contours, but as skin loses its elasticity, the cheeks will look flat and this might cause jowls or a double chin.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, so we have to work to keep it in shape, with every decade. It`s easier to maintain our skin beautifully, to repair the damage caused in time. Happily, there are lots of cosmetic treatments that can help you slow aging. The dermal fillers can give volume to the cheeks, lips, to the under-eyes area. The Botox can help you repair the deep wrinkles. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion might improve skin texture and tone. Looking fresh and younger is a purpose and, we mustn’t forget, that exercising and a healthy diet sustain all beauty process. If we take care of ourselves, we can use only a skincare cream and we will look great. We will avoid spending a lot on repairing the skin damage.

The Veona SkinCare Line was specially conceived to help you prevent the aging and also to restore the fine lines and wrinkles. The dermatologists have found this youth solution after many years of struggle. This is a [professional skin treatment that is used by cosmetic salons, but that it`s also recommended to be used at home. You don`t need to be a specialist to use Veona, you just have to be interested in keeping your skin glowing, beautiful, elastic and fresh. So, just buy VEONA and you will feel always beautiful!

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