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New skincare routine – but how long do we see results?

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When we decide to take care of our skin, we hope to get the best and fastest results. It is only up to us to benefit from beautiful skin. Skincare takes time to work, because when you start using a treatment, a neck cream, you won’t see the results of blinking an eye.

When you use advanced treatment, you will tell your cells what to execute, and because of this, they will need time and perseverance to face the new challenges because they need time to process this request.

     What happens to us when we get older? A good part of your years is devoted to growth because the human body benefits from a constructive process in which organs, tissues, and cells are formed. These blocks are the key to our development as we enter adulthood. Depending on how you choose your lifestyle, your skin will be affected or not, because lack of sleep, stress, sun exposure, usually lack exercise, lack of time, poor diet, will leave their mark after 35 years, because in childhood these effects are not visible. With the passage of time, we begin to notice what we call “signs of age” especially on the face: opacity, enlarged pores, loss of brightness and elasticity, wrinkles, fine contour lines, blemishes, etc. Your body becomes less efficient to withstand the wear and tear of time.

     Collagen production is an excellent example in this regard. It is the sensory protein for the resistance and elasticity of your skin, it is natural and as the years go by, your body produces less collagen, which causes the skin to weaken and lose elasticity.

Why does skincare delay the process? Because it helps to ensure the basic elements that we will lose over the years. Proper products provide the cells with the tools and support they need to help reduce the causes of maturity. They encourage the body to work on reconstruction so you can enjoy beautiful and healthy skin.

     How long does it take to see the results of skincare? To have visible results, effective skincare will take some time, because we can benefit from a super-cosmetic and start to see the effects in a few days. To have lasting results, you will need to be patient and constant.

In most skincare processes, the results will appear after 2 months. It is what our biological clock does, and it needs to practice and adapt to the changes brought about by the external stimulation of our new skin treatments. Depending on the type of product, we will also have results.

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