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Proper Management of Social Networks in Our Young Adolescents

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Today we can see that technology is present in our entire environment; at work, family and home, but especially in our young teenagers who are our observers and apprentices.

The use of technology can have great benefits but in many cases, if it is not used with due control, order, and responsibility, it becomes quite the opposite for our adolescents such as dependence, isolation, lack of motivation to fulfill their academic responsibilities, leisure no longer socialize with those around them.

Tips for the Proper Management of Social Networks

Below I share 5 tips for proper use of technology in teenagers:

  1. Set clear rules for the use and time that your children spend on the internet and cell phone use. The rules should not be imposed, on the contrary; You can negotiate with your child the time that should be devoted to technology.
  1. Orientate to your child what pages he can visit according to his age, constantly check who is part of his group of friends and guide him not to provide personal information on the internet.
  1. Supervise it at bedtime, many young teenagers at that time sleep with the phone next to them; receive messages, call or enter social networks; interrupting sleep can cause insomnia, tiredness, and loss of attention.
  1. Help your child to awaken his creativity and discover interests such as sports, music, dancing, sharing with others and playing outdoor games.
  1. Strengthen your abilities and virtues, this will help you: recognize your potential, increase your vitality, value yourself and develop your social and emotional skills.

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