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The traditional Mexican massage

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The motto and main belief of the health-based pre-Hispanic ancestor is respect for Mother Earth, her nature, the cosmos around her, and the laws of the community in which she lives. In short, it helps maintain and balance the emotional and physical mind/body. It also offers comprehensive health at all levels, avoiding possible and subsequent diseases.

This type of massage arose from an initial holistic concept, but also physically and offers people rituals, herbal medicines, and massage methods to cure the five states of body balance. These 5 states are: spiritual, physical, chemical, emotional, and energetic. They have the role of helping people to a better knowledge and balance of the human being as a whole.

Healing on both sides, both the therapist and the patient, who decides to embark on this path of inclusive discovery, a path that can go as far as the person’s intention.

Mexican indigenous holistic therapy is a global therapy that comes from the ancestral tradition, which begins with a “clean” at the auric, dermal, and energetic levels. This treatment is made to purify and drain people’s bodies of toxins poured on the skin, as well as to detoxify and unblock the most psychic body.

Favoring the fact that mental waste, incorrect self-management in personal matters obstructs and prevents the free flow of energy that moves our physical and mental body. In short, with the help of this therapy, you will be able to generate a harmony that will return to the whole individual in general, obtaining a feeling of fullness and serenity that will help him in everyday life.

Its physical, mental, and emotional benefits are:

  • its role is to help people relax and let go of all the tensions in the body
  • unlocks energy tensions
  • in addition to all these benefits, it also improves muscle elasticity and flexibility.