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Treatment for skin discoloration

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The treatment we will give you in this article will have great benefits on your skin, as it has been proven to many people. The waiting time for this treatment can take between 2-4 months. Its role is to make you much more confident and rejuvenated (for a few years). Even if your goal is to eliminate melasma or an age spot, it is best to apply the treatment all over your face to attack all the underlying problems.

For very good results, I recommend that you follow all the steps because a single treatment will not work effectively.

Exfoliation has the role of starting the dead cells on your skin and helps to perform at least three important functions:

  • Accelerate the rotation of dead cells that have excess pigment
  • Clear the path for penetration of active treatment ingredients
  • Clarify the surface of the skin to give it more brightness and to reflect the light evenly

You must use cleaning products that have in their composition exfoliating properties, especially those with light cleaning grains, alpha hydroxy acids, acetylglucosamine or retinol. Its role is to make you look younger and your skin will be much healthier. Once you discover the right type of exfoliation for you, your skin will look much brighter and healthier.

To protect. I recommend that you protect your skin every time from UV rays because the treatment of hyperpigmentation of the skin is very important. The role of UV rays is to increase the release of more pigment when you try to reduce it. In short, do not forget to use broad-spectrum sunscreen containing zinc oxide, avobenzone or Mexoryl, during treatment and forever, if you want to prevent the return of unwanted pigmentation. And clothes play a very important role if you are exposed to the sun. A single day without sun protection can virtually cancel months of treatment.

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