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Vietnamese facial reflexology

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This massage technique is implemented by lightly pressing your fingers on certain reflex points. Pressed areas are closely related to another part of the body or organ.

Facial reflexology is practiced in several ways because each area of ​​the country has its own method of massage. But the one we are dealing with today is Vietnamese facial reflexology, also called cybernetics because the face map is reminiscent of a computer keyboard.

Facial reflexology is another variety of a very old technique, such as foot reflexology, hands, or ear pads. They are the best-known reflex massages and their function is to treat certain ailments or problems of the body in a single area of ​​it. Due to the good results, this technique has developed a lot lately.

     The benefits of Vietnamese facial reflexology

This technique does not cure diseases, but instead alleviates it a lot and can treat the following problems:

  • At the neurological level. It plays a very important role in supporting treatments, where they are very strong and can affect the brain, neuralgia, epilepsy, facial paralysis, and dyslexia.
  • On a physical level. This massage is also very beneficial for rheumatic problems in the body, such as contractions of the back muscles, problems with the knee joints (tendinitis, osteoarthritis, contractures), as well as in the neck and lumbar, including sciatica. In addition to all these benefits, it also has a sedative effect, as it soothes pain, reduces stress, regulates hormonal imbalances, relieves colds, soothes stomach ulcers and reduces circulatory problems, among many others.
  • The benefits of Vietnamese facial reflexology at the aesthetic level: Facial reflexology also has a rejuvenating effect on the face and reduces wrinkles, improves the water condition of the skin, and tones it. It also has a purifying effect on it, as it helps eliminate toxins that help fight acne.

In conclusion, Vietnamese facial reflexology has several advantages and includes 30 basic points that are enough to treat headaches, colds, a little relaxation after a day of stress, etc.