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Veona Kit – Is the Veona 4 Step system worth it?

Veona Kit – What does Veona set contain? What is it included in the skincare set?

Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

Takes years off and reestablishes your youthful look with its unique formula to diminish micro expression lines, those corner mouth wrinkles and around the eyes wrinkles, firming and lifting skin, while improving brilliance and consistency.
Apply evenly over entire rinsed and cleansed face, lower chin, forehead and neck morning and night, or as needed.
Allow it to be engrossed and engaged entirely before applying any form of cosmetics.
Size: 50mL – Veona Kit

Anti-Wrinkle Complex

Uncover visible youthful appearance with smooth firm skin. Anti-Wrinkle Complex provides conservation and extends wrinkle reduction.
After cleansing, apply uniformly over the face, lower chin, forehead, and neck at morning and night, or when needed.
Spread lightly and gently into the skin.
Allow it to be engaged entirely before applying any type of cosmetics.
Size: 30mL – Veona Kit

Veona Kit

Veona Kit

Advanced Eye Treatment

Veona Advanced Eye Treatment is a daily use, all-in-one eye treatment that instantly improves luminescence around the eyes. This non-greasy recipe was developed to eliminate dark circles and reduce baggy effect for rejuvenated, youthful and healthy skin.
Suggested Use:
After washing, apply using the tips of your fingers, under the eyes, and on the surrounding surface.
Use a gentle, upward motion, at morning and night, or as required.
Works well alone or under cosmetics.
Size: 15mL – Veona Kit


When topical creams can’t penetrate as deep as needed to address wrinkles, microexpression lines, age spots, a right and fit intake of vitamins is required, as a result, the phytoceramides formula convey all the greatest and foremost vitamins to your body, starting with:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vegetable Cellulose capsules (no animal products, halal)
As a dietary addition, take one [1] capsule every day.
The bottle contains 30 pills – Veona Kit

Veona Kit

Veona Kit

Night-Time Recovery Serum

Night-Time Recovery Serum is an anti-ager working all night long to improve the aspect of wrinkles and pores.
Remove any eye cosmetics, and gently wash and clean your face with warm water.
Each night, apply 2 pumps of serum to upper and lower eyelids, as well as neck.
Massage gently and let it soak into the skin.
Allow serum to fully be absorbed.
Size: 30mL – Veona Kit